Beyond the Bell Program Supervisor


Rogue Boxing was established in 2011. This program was created by Kyle Hesterman, a former USA amateur boxer, Tough Man participant and beyond the bell program supervisor. The goal of Rogue Boxing is to not only teach the techniques to one of the most challenging and rewarding sports, but also the discipline and character building that follows.

Our program incorporates many aspects of a fighter fitness program, which is designed to help an individual become healthier and increase athletic performance.  Our coaches pride themselves with creating challenging programs, so the individual always has to adapt.

Our boxers’ range in age and skill level.  We have USA registered amateur boxers as well as those who just want to learn the sport and get a great workout, without the contact.  Boxing is for everyone!

Nobody beats our youth programs or BEYOND THE BELL!  The founder, Kyle Hesterman is a former elementary school teacher of 11 years (K, 1st, 5th).  He also holds a M.Ed. in Positive Coaching and Physical Education Endorsement.  With countless hours working with students of all ages, Kyle has designed a program that all kids can feel good doing.  Confidence building and positivity is a large part of why they program has been successful.

BEYOND THE BELL after-school program incorporates homework time and assistance.  This time is followed by physical activity, whether it be by a game such as dodge ball, or a boxing class.  The activities vary and the kids stay engaged.  Parents then have the convenience of picking up after work!

We are here to serve you!  If you have any questions about programs or training, please send us a message!