Personal Boxing & Fighter Fitness Training


Personal training boxing sessions provide faster progress and more individual attention with a customized approach to reaching your goals. Focus on boxing skills, strength, circuit training, or find the perfect combination of the two. Focused-boxing training includes proper punching technique, footwork, punch combinations, counter punching, defensive drills, and more.

Reasons to choose a personal boxing trainer

  • Working with a personal trainer will help learn how to train properly.
  • A personal trainer will make training easy
  • A personal trainer has an objective eye
  • Boxing with a personal trainer will get you faster results
  • A personal trainer is trained to help you achieve your goals
  • A personal trainer will push your limits
  • A personal trainer will help grow self-confidence
  • A personal trainer will motive you to try challenging things

Strength Training with a Personal Trainer for Boxing

Partner strength training exercises will help the client perform the training in the right way. Client will understand how to maximize your time during training sessions. When you are sore and your session is becoming difficult to the point that you do not want to do it anymore, a personal trainer understands client pain and that boxing is difficult, but will help the client through the difficult parts and push him to finish. Whether the training is for professional boxing or fitness, everyone has areas he or she has to work on. A personal trainer will tell him what to expect during each training session and how to optimize each session to focus on different muscle groups.

Boxing with Partner Training

Many people see positive results from partner boxing training. You can build stronger arms and legs. Boxing with partner training programs and classes also help to gain a sense of inner strength and emotional balance. They have seen the improvements on the cardiovascular and toning of the muscles by these boxing training workouts. Boxing training classes and the innovative variations of the sparring jabs, power punches, defense, and fitness has all blends of all exercises.